Shemesh – childrens education

For a number of years and several generations of children, first in the Heder and then in the Shemesh – Sunday schools, through play and fun, they learned about Jewish holidays, customs, traditions, symbols…

In 2020, with the arrival of the corona virus and the ban on gatherings, the concept of children’s education was adapted to the new conditions. In order for the children to remain partially isolated, a summer camp was organized on the mountain. The educational program was “condensed”, which turned out to be a very good solution. The children learned many things about Judaism in a relaxed atmosphere and through play, but also had time to confirm and check what they had learned. In addition, the children became closer and developed a sense of belonging to the Jewish community.

At the first camp, children were accompanied by their parents due to strict epidemiological regulations. The following year, it was decided to continue with the same practice, this time with lectures and round tables for their parents, too. From 2021, the camp has been organized during the spring school-break. 

The organization of the Shemesh-Mishpaha camp was co-financed by the Dutch humanitarian organization (JHF – Jewish Humanitarian Fund), and the design and implementation of the program was carried out by the association Haver Serbia.