Magish – creative workshop

Magish is a Yiddish word that means magic, sorcery

The MAGISH, creative workshop, was founded as one of the cultural programs of the Jewish Community of Subotica on October 15, 2015. The goal and purpose of the workshops is to provide for the interested members of the Jewish Community a meaningful socializing with creativity. Special attention is paid to the methodology that allows all interested participants to create and contribute according to their wishes and capabilities.

The main principle of the workshops is the Hiddur mitzvah, i.e. beautifying the implementation of commandments (Mitzvot) and religious rituals. This approach applies, among other things, the decoration of the premises of the Jewish community for holidays, such as Rosh Hashanah,  Sukkot, Hanukkah, Purim and Shavuot. The stated principle implies learning about Judaism, as  well as fostering, introduction or renewal the traditional customs such as  Jewish  folk art of making paper decorations (Shavuoslekh and royselekh, decorations for Shavuot).

In addition to the above, various practical, decorative and useful items are also made at the workshops. According to the selected topic applied art techniques such as: decoupage, painting on glass, making objects from polymer clay, origami, arranging flowers, making jewelry, etc., are applied in the work. They masks for Purim, women’s and men’s lace and textiles Kippas, etc. are also made. Along with all that, of course, the preparation of traditional Jewish cakes such as Hamantashen or matzo dishes are not left out.   

In the past eight years, approximately 150 workshops have been held and about 20 work activities were realized in nature or outside of the premises when the group joined the activities of other similar organizations. Great attention is paid to educational programs, such as visits to museums with a Jewish theme, but also to museums of applied arts, e.g. in Belgrade and Budapest. Visits to other Synagogues were also essential.

On the MAGISH Facebook profile, programs are announced and the results of the work are shown. Short texts about the history or customs of the Jews, especially interesting things about the history of Jewish cuzine are published, too. The workshop has its premises within the building of the Jewish Municipality of Subotica.

Author of the text and workshop leader: Ružica Rudić Vranić