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The Jewish Community of Subotica is one of the eight Jewish communities in Serbia and today has around 250 members.

The mission and goals of the Jewish community are to ensure the continuation of Jewish life in Subotica, to nurture Jewish traditions, create a safe environment for its members providing social assistance to members who need it, Jewish education and also representing the Jewish community at the city level.

The Jewish community in Subotica organizes programs that cover religion, education and tradition, culture, personal development, sports and social activities for its members and friends of the community. Sometimes it organizes get-togethers for members of Jewish communities from other cities in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia.

The Shabbat service is held every Friday evening in the so-called “small” Synagogue located on the ground floor of the Jewish Community building. Religious services for all holidays are held there, and in exceptional cases, the service is held in the Great Synagogue.

The building of the Jewish Community of Subotica was built in 1902, at the same time as the building of the monumental Great Synagogue. It is located in the very center of the city and is under protection as a valuable architectural heritage of Art Nouveau builders: Dezső Jakab and Marcell Komor, who also designed the Synagogue, the Town Hall and some other buildings in Subotica and Palić, giving thus the epithet of the Art Nouveau city.

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The building was originally the headquarters of the Chief Rabbinate, and after the Second World War it became the headquarters of the Jewish Community of Subotica. The entrance to the Jewish Community building is from Dimitrije Tucovića Street. Its ground floor houses the Small Synagogue, the Ceremonial Hall with the theater stage and the social room and since 2018, a specially equipped kosher kitchen. On the first floor is the office of the Jewish Community with several nicely decorated rooms, including the library. There is also an entrance to the courtyard of the Great Synagogue, so it forms an organic whole with it.


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