Autumn Festival of Jewish Culture

The Autumn Festival of Jewish Culture is being organized by the Jewish Community of Subotica since 2015. 

The festival lasts about a week and it is organized after the end of the autumn Jewish High holidays with the intention to bring Jewish culture, heritage and creativity to a wide audience through programs intended for audiences of different ages and interests: concerts of classical and synagogal music, theater performances, lectures, exhibitions, workshops for school children and guided touristic tours, all on Jewish topics.

The goal of the Autumn Festival of Jewish Culture is to give high-quality programs on the presence of the Jews in the life and development of the city of Subotica, to enrich the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional scene of Subotica by presenting quality programs to a wide audience outside the Jewish community.

Over the years, festival programs have been held in all three theaters, the City Museum, the Contemporary Gallery of Subotica, the Ceremonial hall of the City Hall and the Franciscan Church, in addition to the Great hall of the Jewish Community.

Every autumn, all the events of the Autumn Festival of Jewish Culture are very well attended.