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Jewish Community of Subotica

Sinagoga-iznutraJews living in Subotica from 1775.. The building of the Jewish Community Subotica was built in 1902, at the same time as the building of monumental New Synagogue. It is located in the city center and is protected as a valuable architectural heritage of Art Nouveau inspired builders: Dežea Jakaba (Jakab Dezső) and Marcela chamber (Marcell), who designed the synagogue, the city hall and some buildings in Subotica, letting her epithet Art Nouveau town.

The building was originally the seat of the Chief Rabbinate, and after the Second World War it was the seat of the Jewish Community in Subotica. The entrance to the Jewish Community of the Streets time branded. In its ground floor are located the small synagogue, ceremonial hall with a performance stage and community room, and upstairs the offices of the Jewish Community with several nice decorated rooms, including a library, kitchen, bathroom and guest room. The community is open to drvorištu the Great Synagogue, which together makes an organic whole. The facades of the municipal buildings have been renovated and restored to its initial state, central heating has been on natural gas.

Snap-2015-01-25-at-00.15.22Office of the Jewish community is open to parties every working day. Jewish Community Subotica is open also to cooperate with all the cultural institution in the city, so it was a joint project with the City Museum, the City Library, with some schools, whose students visited the synagogue, held in literary events and book promotions, as well as numerous associations and cultural workers.

“Open Door” are permanent annual project to celebrate the European Day of Jewish heritage. Then invite Suboticans them closer to the work of the Jewish Community and customs of their fellow jewish citizens.

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